are you supposed to eat sushi with chopsticks

Tips for eating sushi in Japan | CNN Travel –

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Sushi can be eaten with your bare hands or the provided hashi (chopsticks). There are pros and cons to each method and neither one is the considered the “proper” way.

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How to eat sushi: the dining etiquette. You may be offered a hot, wet towel (called an oshibori) at the beginning of your meal. Use it to wash you hands and try to fold it back neatly the way it was offered to you before returning it. Do not rub your chopsticks together. When not in use they should be placed parallel to yourself …

Sushi Etiquette: Do’s and Don’ts from 6 Top Sushi Chefs #hackdining

In Japan sushi should be eaten with the fingers. Using chopsticks is a California tradition stemming from the California roll. That was invented fifty years ago in LA because the locals felt weird about eating rolls wrapped in seaweed (nori). So the Chef put a layer of rice on the outside to hide the seaweed.

Tips for eating sushi in Japan | CNN Travel –

Chopsticks. Tokyo cookery teacher, Yumi Sone thinks eating sushi with hands should be left to true aficionado. … Dipping fishside first after picking up the sushi is not easy with chopsticks, he says. Many Japanese, even famous celebrities, hold their chopsticks like this …

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Pick up the sushi with chopsticks and dip the rice into soy sauce (and let it linger to absorb the salty juices)? I like to bite into the sushi to split it in half; then, I can feel the tenderness of … Basically, I stopped seeing sushi as something to hoard in my mouth (oh, you should have seen me in allyoucan eat sushi restaurants).

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There’s a fine etiquette to sushi, and you’d do well to master it.

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Use your fingers or chopsticks to pick up the sushi. Even though most people use chopsticks, sushi is traditionally a finger food. Fingers make handling the roll easier and allow you to feel its texture. This helps you prevent nigirisushi from falling apart. If you’re unsure if you should use your …

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Do you eat sushi with your fingers or with chopsticks? All of the research I’ve done seems to indicate that sushi is traditionally a finger food and usually eaten with the fingers, picked up, raised to the mouth and consumed in one or two bites. Because of this, I have always eaten sushi with my fingersbesides …

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Apparently eating sushi three times a week doesn’t make you an expert. According to Tokyo sushi chef Naomichi Yasuda, we’ve been doing it all horribly wrong. In a new video by Vice’s Munchies, seen above, the chef explains the right and wrong way to eat sushi. Rule one, eat cut rolls with your…

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When not eating, your chopsticks should be put on the holder beside of your plate, tidy and parallel to the table, rather than on the plate or your dipping bowl. Leaving your chopsticks anywhere else may indicate that you are finished eating! Sitting your chopsticks down between pieces of sushi is polite and acceptable.

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